Before the pandemic, I worked in a beige cubical as a mid-level marketing and advertising guy for an international electronics firm. A recovering advertising creative director, I spent far too long at ad agencies and freelancing as a hired gun in the war for capitalism.

As an adman, I wrote newspaper ads (remember those?), TV commercials, radio spots, trade journal articles and tweets. My ads have sold cowboy boots and cheeseburgers, 72-ounce steaks, and hazardous waste site clean-up services. And I’ve encountered fascinating characters at every turn.

Now, I write novels, short stories, and screenplays in an effort to stay out of the way and not drive his far too patient wife completely crazy. I’m an honors graduate of the UCLA Writers Program, a former board member of the DFW Writers Workshop, and serve on the steering committee of the DFW Writers Conference.

I was the original writer on the film Edge of the World which made the festival rounds in 2019 and that’s an interesting story in its own right.

I’m a fan of baseball, barbeque, fine automobiles, and unpretentious scotch.

Want to get in touch? I can be reached at colin at bycolinholmes dot com.

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