Thunder Road

The paperback version drops just about everywhere on May16th!

Available now in hardcover, large print paperback, audiobook and Kindle!

The summer of 1947 was long and hot in Texas. Livestock detective Jefferson Sharp’s job chasing cattle rustlers had just run out. But he’d seen something on the remote ranchlands. Something he couldn’t explain. His search for answers begins on Thunder Road.

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Chasing down a small-time gambling debt in the summer of 1947, down-on-his-luck former Ranger Jefferson Sharp realizes that more than a few poker chips are at stake when he stumbles upon an interplanetary cover-up.

When an Army Air Force major vanishes from his Top Secret job at the Fort Worth air base in the summer of 1947, down-on-his-luck former Ranger Jefferson Sharp is hired to find him, because the major owes a sizable gambling debt to a local mobster. The search takes Sharp from the hideaway poker rooms of Fort Worth’s Thunder Road, to the barren ranch lands of New Mexico, to secret facilities under construction in the Nevada desert.

Lethal operatives and an opaque military bureaucracy stand in his way, but when he finds an otherworldly clue and learns President Truman is creating a new group called Central Intelligence and splitting the Air Force from the Army, Sharp begins to connect dots. And those dots draw a straight line to a conspiracy aiming to cover up a secret that is out of this world⎯literally so.

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